10 Ideas for Summer Fun

Down here in Southern Louisiana we know how hot those summer months can actually get. You don’t want your kids playing outside and overheat, but they also can’t stay cooped up inside all day with you going crazy! So we have compiled a list of some ideas for indoor and outdoor summer fun!

Visit Your Local Park

What kid doesn’t like to swing on a swing or slide down a slide? Visiting your local park for the day is such an easy way to have fun with the kiddos and not shell out any big bucks for amusement rides or park food. Simply pack lunch, a few snacks, and sunscreen. Some local parks also have a water park area so on a hot day your kiddos will love to play in the water! Just make sure to bring towels and extra clothes!

Chalk Up the Sidewalk - ASKE

Chalk Up the Sidewalk

Kids love to color and why not give them a bigger mural? You can buy chalk at Walmart or Target for only a few bucks! Let them fill the driveway and sidewalk with their creative drawings to show the whole neighborhood. Introduce them to your childhood memories and draw a hopscotch board! They’ll love playing the game and you’ll love seeing the smiles on their faces.

Hold a Car Wash

Park your car in the driveway and let your kids give it a good scrub with a pot of water and sponge or with the garden hose. Get the whole family involved for added fun! They’ll stay cool in the summer’s heat and you’ll have a clean car!

Have a Water Balloon Fight

Having a water balloon fight is an awesome way to get friends and neighbors involved! If your kiddos are too young/small to participate in the water balloon fight, get a kiddy pool, fill it with water and balloons and let them pop the balloons with their hands; they’ll have a ball!


Teaching your kids, or a friend, how to fish is easy fun! It’s an easy way to enjoy the outdoors, spend time with friends and family all while learning a new skill! Plus you may catch some good dinner for that night.

Lemonade Stand - ASH, ASKE

Set Up a Lemonade Stand

There is nothing wrong with teaching your children a good work ethic at a young age. Just get them a table, couple chairs, a sign and lemonade! They’ll have a blast trying to sell the neighbors lemonade and they’ll earn a little bit of cash while doing it.

Visit a New Town for a Day

Visiting a new town for the day is an easy way to give the kids a new and different environment to explore without having to take a long road trip. Look up historical places in the town and local restaurants and shops to explore.

Build a Fort in the Living Room

Growing up we all used to make forts in our living rooms. Now it is your turn to teach your kiddos how to make the perfect living room fort! Drape some old sheets over kitchen chairs or your couches. Put some sleeping bags and pillows inside and you are set! Eat dinner, watch movies or tell spooky stories! Whatever you do in your living room fort will sure to be some amazing memories!

Visit a Fire Station

What kid hasn’t dreamed about riding on top of a firetruck? Reach out to your local fire station and ask if you can come visit. Your kids will have a blast climbing on the fire station and possibly dressing up in a fireman’s suit!

Neighborhood Game Night

Designate one evening a week for some friendly multifamily competition (think kickball, softball, and capture the flag). Keep things fair by designating a different parent to ref and dividing into new teams each time, like dads and daughters versus moms and sons. This Neighborhood Game Night is sure to become a tradition!

All these activities are inexpensive and a sure way to make the summer much more fun!

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