All Star Kia East’s Tailgating Tips

Tailgating is an unique American tradition, and the season has arrived. This practice of cookouts and eating before the huge game has made its own spin-off to game-day. Modern day tailgating is pretty involved. You no longer can bring a sandwich and sit on the back of a tailgate. We have found some neat tips to maximize your tailgating experience!

Preparing the night before is a key component of the game. Make a list of everything needed, and check out the stadium’s website for rules on tailgating. Packing the night before will save you time in the morning. If you pack in the morning; more than likely there will be someone already there getting the best spot for their tailgating touchdown. 45655

This one is almost a no brainer, but we know there have been some out there who have forgotten this. Don’t forget to bring your tickets! Check the night before, and check once you arrive to your tailgate. Remembering where you last left them will not get you into the stadium. Yes, you can have all the fun at your tailgate, but its called tailgating for a reason. Double and triple check!

Let’s not forget phone chargers and extension cords. Tailgating is an all day event. Sometimes you may not even go into the stadium to watch the game. Remembering to bring your phone charger and lots of extension cords is an important move. Checking scores, and being able to hook up to the not so nearest power source is not an issue here.


These tips will change the way you tailgate for life. A successful tailgate is not made the morning of. It takes weeks of planning for an event of this caliber, and packing the night before. Elevate your next tailgate by following these few tips from the All Star Family! You are going to be glad you did!

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